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We have some exciting projects currently being worked on:

Sending Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

One of our members personally accompanies the juggernauts to Ukraine to ensure that every single thing donated reaches its intended destination and isn't syphoned off along the way. We have collected wax, medicine and medical supplies, donated money for stretchers, warm clothing and much more to help this project. You can see what happens on a humanitarian trip to Ukraine HERE

Leeds Pride

We are proud supporters of the LGBT community and want to show that Rotary is open to everyone regardless of background, religion, gender, age.

Recycling in Bail


This is potentially a breakthrough project with implications across the globe. In partnership with a Rotary club in Bali, we are looking to help them build a small, local plastics recycling unit. Currently, plastic waste is collected by locals, taken to a central drop-off point and then shipped to Java for recycling. We have sourced plans for a small until and are currently working with the club on costing out the components. Assuming this project is a success, the template could be rolled out to many small communities across the world who struggle with plastic recycling.

Supporting "Happy Days"

Happy Days is a registered charity providing shelter, food and a superb range of support for people affected by homelessness and crisis. We are currently looking at ways in which we can support them in their outstanding work.


Currently working on a range of Youth projects such as a Young Enterprise competition and creating "fesitival of youth" for Bradford 2025.


We need funds to run some of these projects, so are currently examining ways to do so. Some of these could be small events such as a coffee morning in a church hall, or a major TedEx event. Watch this space....

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