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Some stats about the Adventurers

  • Came into being on 1st July 2022 with 3 members, we now have 14 plus 5 affiliates.

  • Meet predominantly on Zoom every week. 

  • Average age 49; range 19 to 70+

  • 6 women/4 men

  • 5 significant Districts roles held 

  • Achieved a Citation in our first year


  • We see ourselves as a test bed for new ideas



We have invented a new category of membership: Affiliates.

These are Rotarians who are members of another club, and indeed pay their subs to that club. They don't want to switch clubs because of long term friendships, they like to visit physical clubs, they have a good range of speakers and so on, however, they want to be more involved in projects (The Adventurers are totally project focussed) and want to participate in broader discussions such as new ways of doing things, the future of Rotary and so on. Current affiliates describe us as "a much needed breath of fresh air."

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