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What is a passport club?

A Rotary club that gives its members a more flexible club experience by: 

  • Encouraging its members to visit other clubs and participate in their club activities 

  • It’s a different way of “doing Rotary”.

  • Meet less frequently using online media such as Zoom or Teams.

  • Focused on service projects

  • Set affordable fees 

  • The opportunity to move freely from club to club, attending those meetings and participating in those projects of specific interest to the member

Benefits of a passport club

  • Flexibility: Accommodates members’ busy schedules, allowing them more choices for fitting Rotary into their lives. Appeals to those who don’t want to / can’t attend weekly meetings

  • Affordability: Costs are kept to a minimum because meetings don’t include meals. 

  • Broad appeal: A passport club appeals to people who wouldn’t join a more traditional club.

  • More connections: Members quickly build relationships locally, across the district and beyond bringing new ideas to their club

  • Stronger service projects: Connecting with members of other clubs presents opportunities for clubs to partner on service projects to create greater impact. 

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