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President Anne Sutcliffe

My story....

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I first came across Rotary because of a tombola! I was visiting the 1940s weekend with friends and we stumbled across a tombola stall with a difference - we had to pluck a duck. The feathers were folded up toilet paper, some which had numbers. After numerous goes and winning a bottle of wine later, I looked up and noticed the sign was of Rotary. Being the sort of person who always questions, I asked, Oh, Rotary, aren't you the people who plant flowers in roundabouts. 


The rest is history. 


I had a lovely chat with the many Rotarians on the stall and they invited me to their meetings. After seeing whether I fit over a period of about 6 months I joined and I have never looked back. 


I have met people I never thought I would, introduced to many local leaders and networked, planned projects that have saved people's lives, and been on courses that would never have been funded through work. I am now a much more rounded person, and feel empowered to push forward both at work and in my personal life. 


I am currently the President of the Adventurers, which is my second time at leading a club, as well as the Membership lead for our District (an area of clubs) which covers Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire. 


I really enjoy the projects, whether they are local, national and international: you always come across really interesting people along the way. I have managed to travel with Rotary to conferences (have I told you I have been to Houston?!), where you see the magic of Rotary happen. 

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